Big Time Botch

I botched this one up big time.

In my New Years Recap typing frenzy I forgot to mention that in 2008 I found out that I am going to be an AUNT!

Well…I didn’t really forget. I just kept trying to figure out how I could fit my sister’s future small child into “Top 5 People I’ve Met for the First Time” but felt I couldn’t legitimately say that I’ve met him/her yet and would have to wait until next year to put him/her in that category.

As you can see, problem solving is not my strong point.

I now realize that finding out that my sister is pregnant certainly should have made it into “Top 5 Moments Lived.”

So I am creating a new category in this post. It’s not a “Top Five” but a “Best of.” A first place prize if you will:

Best News Heard:

Sorry Zoe/Peyton. I hope you understand one day that I really did care about you when I wrote that post and am very eagerly anticipating your arrival!


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