Epic Juice Fast Failure

This week kicks off one of the most glorious things about getting to be an RD at the Master’s College — Spring Break. That’s right. Being a grown up but having Spring Break like a college student. This means I have a lot of extra time to spend with one of my BFF’s — Esther Ko Dennis — which means we have a lot of time for big dreams.

One of these big dreams we had was to go to Disneyland and get me an annual pass. Check. The second was to do a juice fast*. You see, Esther has excema and I have been catching a few too many viruses recently so we figured a juice fast might be just the ticket to heal us of our ailments. We decided that it would be good for our bodies and Spring Break was the perfect opportunity to do it. So Sunday we enjoyed our last day of freedom at Disneyland, and Monday we made a grocery list using our handy “Juicing for Life” guide, and made our way to the store to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for our 3-day fast. About 30 minutes and $15 bucks (yeah Vallarta!) later, we were ready for our lives to be changed…from the inside out.

We were hard core. We juiced for lunch. And I don’t mean just fresh-squeezed orange juice. I mean spinach, parsley, apple, carrot, cucumber goodness. Had a mid-afternoon snack (pineapple, apple, cucumber, celery-ness). Juiced for “happy hour.” Esther called to make sure she was allowed to eat fresh raw vegetables. I made a vegetable broth to accompany my dinner juice. Esther went to the store for some new vegetables….

And that’s when it all fell apart.

You see, Esther was starting to lose her voice from not eating any real food. She wasn’t feeling so well and didn’t have much energy. I spent the day on the couch just lying there. I tasted my vegetable broth and it still tasted like water…but it was brown. Then, I went to make my dinner juice (1/2 a cantaloupe and 5 strawberries) and found my juicer was broken beyond repair. It had been making some strange noises all day but I had managed to get it working every time. This time I couldn’t fix it. It sounded like metal scraping against…metal and even jumped up off the counter at one juncture. That was when I decided I should stop trying.  I called Esther to tell her my juicer was out of commission but I got her voicemail, so I left a message.

She called me back and, not having listened to my aforementioned voicemail, asked “Do you want us to pick up some Papa John’s while we’re out?” I think she was shocked when I said, “YES, PLEASE!”

So her and Rick came over with some potato chips and Papa John’s Pizza. I made some apple pie out of some of the apples I had left and we celebrated the end of our doomed-from-the-start juice fast with some good food, games, and good friends.

And this is why I love Esther. She dreams big….but abandons her (sometimes outlandish and outrageous) dreams just as soon as I do when they get too hard. It’s really incredibly perfect how it all works out in the end.

*Let it be noted that I meant to do a juice fast the first three days of 2009. But the grocery store was closed New Years Day, so I bumped it back to days two through five of 2009. We went to Walmart, got all the produce in my cart….and then right before checking out I decided it was a horrible idea and I didn’t want to torture myself that way so we put it ALL back. Even after that…I still thought a juice fast was something I wanted to do.


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