Spring Break Update

I use my blog a lot of different ways. Sometimes I write in it like I write in my journal (or would, if I kept a journal where I just wrote about stuff). Sometimes I write in it stuff I would like to write a book about someday, but don’t currently have the time, intelligence, or dedication to. And sometimes it’s just a place to update family and friends on what’s going on in my life recently. Today, it’s the last one. This is just one big spring break update.

I’m a recent owner of a disneyland pass! I am generally not that big of a Disneyland fan…but my dear friend Esther (yes, the same one from the juice fast) has a way of convincing me to do things that I wouldn’t normally do. This is an example of her persuasive power. So, Esther, her husband Rick, our friend Ben, and myself headed to Disneyland last Sunday to celebrate my new pass, springing forward and getting an extra hour of daylight, and Spring Break at the college! It was a grand celebration!

Esther, Rick, Ben and myself heading into the park


Me with my new pass


Tuesday I got to drive down to Santa Monica and spend some time sitting and thinking on the beach and then wandering around 3rd Street Promenade by myself. I ended up finding myself a spot in the corner of a coffee shop where I got to just pray and read for awhile. It was glorious and just what I needed.


During Spring Break I got to spend a lot of time with Jesus, Esther, and the girl RDs…all people I love dearly! I did not get to spend as much time with my Directive Study for the MABC, Marriage & Family Counseling, like I intended/needed to. Oh well. But the time with the girl RDs was phenominal. Those ladies are a blast to be with. We headed out to Ventura on Wednesday and spent the day in Downtown Ventura eating lunch, shopping at all the thrift stores and quaint little shops, having coffee, and generally just having fun playing together. That night stayed at a nearby hotel and ordered out for pizza and had a night in. Hot tob + the game of Life + Papa John’s Pizza + staying up talking till 2:30 = One spectacular night. The next day we slept in, headed to the Camarillo Outlets, had dinner at Chick-Fil-A (where the service is beyond friendly and spotted the most horrendously masculine cross-dresser…ever), then headed back. The drive back was full of song dedications, singing, and laughing. I really love those girls and am so thankful for the small vacation we got to have together! I can’t think of a single thing we could have done better!

Lunch in Downtown Ventura


Testing out the bed when we arrived at our hotel


Friday night I got to hang out with my friends Bart & Amy and an older couple in our bible study. Saturday night I threw a potluck. And Sunday after church I just set off on the 101 S, got off at an exit that looked familiar, and drove until I found a coffee shop that looked like a good place to read for awhile. I think I’m becoming a hermit. I am starting to really enjoy spending time alone, and lots of it. Who would have thought?! After finishing up a book for my Directive Study (Your Family, God’s Way. If you want to know, just ask me. I’m an expert now) I went back to school to enjoy Esther’s first attempt at a Sunday Roast. We spent the night playing Scrabble, Blockis (sp?), and Life. I lost all three, which I was far from happy about.

I feel refreshed, back to good health, incredibly fortunate and grateful for good friends, my girls in the dorm, and that my sin is forgiven and my debt has been paid. All in all, it was a great break.


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