The Rebelution

There’s such a thing out there as the Rebelution. Check out their blog. Check out their recommended resources.

I was skimming the website yesterday and came across a series of blog posts about young people risking their lives for the sake of the gospel. They are simple yet profound.

Here’s a teaser for ya. These are taken from “Your Life Story: Tragically Wasted or Gloriously Spent?” which is part 3 of the 10 part series:

    3 Marks of a Tragically Wasted Life

  • A lukewarm attitude of complacency.
  • A lazy habit of procrastination.
  • A paralyzed lifestyle of timidity.
    3 Marks of a Gloriously Spent Life

  • A hot-hearted desire to be useful.
  • A relentless passion for the good use of time.
  • A constant readiness to risk for the Gospel.

First book on my summer reading list? Do Hard Things. They are also going to be doing a conference in Orange County on July 25, which I’m thinking about going to if anyone wants to come!


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