Some Reading Material

I realize that most people don’t read as much as I do. Strike that. Most people don’t read as much as I sound like I do, but honestly I just read short bits and snippets here and there that don’t take much time but seem to add up over time. Anyways, here are some recent reads that were exceptional. Really, you should check them out. I’ve included quotes from both but reading them  in entirety is well worth your time.

Freedom to Marry Young from the Washington Post

“Marriage may not make you rich — that’s not its purpose — but a biblical proverb reveals this nifty side effect: ‘Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work.’ So while many young Americans mark their days in the usual ways — by hitting the clubs, incessantly checking Facebook, Twittering their latest love interest and obsessing about their poor job prospects or how to get into graduate school — my applause goes out to those among them who’ve figured out that the proverb was right.”

Closer Than a Brother from Gunner’s blog, Raw Christianity

“I see so many people who do not have these relationships.  So many are searching, looking to care and be cared about, perhaps wary of the kind of closeness that opens the door for hurt, perhaps beaten into half-contentedness by the disillusionment of loneliness, often waiting for the other person to make the first move (and many subsequent moves).  Many have joined the empty community of individualism and self-protection, a community easy to join but hard to leave….

If you do not have these kinds of friends, if you are not growing towards these kinds of friendships, if you are not cultivating these kinds of relationships, start today.  Seek to know and be known.  Choose vulnerability over self-protection, accountability over obscurity, the climb of togetherness over the gravity of aloneness.  Become an initiator and an inviter and a pursuer.  Fight for relationships, for sincere time together in the midst of busyness, for a diversity of shared experiences along with the late nights and the road trips and the the dinner tables and the living rooms and the ministry partnerships that weave together the tapestry of relationships.  Fight for them.  Because you can be rich in many things, but if you are poor in friendships, you are poor indeed.”


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