Post-School Year Update

It’s been about a month since school has been out. How has that much time gone by already?! Anyways, I have done quite a bit of sitting around on my duff…but I haven’t been a total sloth. Here’s the update on what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.

  • Tommy came into town for graduation — got to hang out with him and Jessica Syler that night! Laughed HARD.
  • Went to lunch with my old roommate Christi and then spent the day cleaning up the dorm before Katy Vold came over & stayed the night at my place.
  • Mother’s Day with the Horton’s & their families, where they announced Amy is pregnant!!!, then Bart’s seminary graduation.
  • RD & Student Life Staff Retreats.
  • 1 week of pure homework sheol & saying goodbye — 7 papers, 3 quizzes, a final, 2 books, last girl RD hangout time, last all RD hangout time.
  • Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale at 6:30 AM with Heidi Keller — when discipleship calls, I answer.
  • Memorial Day weekend in Pleasanton with the entire fam — Dave and Sadie came out from Texas!
  • Went down to Orange County for breakfast with Isaiah, the rainbows outlet, and my first trip to Fashion Island! Then  I stopped by to see Ben for just a little bit on my way back up to Santa Clarita.
  • Got to go over to the Horton’s for dinner and spend some Quality Time with my dear friends =).
  • 3 Day Vacation/People Fast/Sabbatical from Life (which you can read about here.
  • Hung out with Amy Trae, my head RA, before she left for Taiwan!
  • Got a library card!!!
  • Spent a lot of time with Ona — Del Taco, Minchi’s, made him dinner one night & went to the Hulet’s volleyball game (which they NEVER told us they were even in a community league?!)
  • Hung out with Jeannette (another RA from this last year) for an afternoon of catching up.
  • Porto’s then the Americana with Esther, then RD interviews & watched Bride Wars with Esther, then dinner & shopping with the Dennises that night. Lots of laughter.
  • Did some bike riding with Esther now that I have my bike down here and bought a new gel pad seat cover!
  • Begun my quest to begin liking salads. Had Rick & Esther over for a sweet potato, eggplant & peppers salad. Didn’t like it. =/ Green bean salad is up next!
  • Had a Crepe Party (normal party — Crepe’s to eat) with old and new friends which was very fun! Peter, Greg, and Melissa stayed and played Life, my new favorite game. I LOVE crepes. New favorite. I think I’m even going to make them for dinner tonight.
  • Went to Ventura with the Dennises — spent the day at the beach, went antiquing/shopping in the little downtown area, dinner at Chick-Fil-A and some shopping at the outlets!
  • Went to Disneyland with the Dennises the next day (which, I must admit, Disneyland IS much better when you have a season pass because you can leave whenever you want and go with good friends!) and planned out future “themed” Disneyland Trips.
  • Monday spent the day with Heidi — pedicures, Starbucks, then Nordstrom Rack & the Topanga Canyon Mall then met up with Amy for some Golden Spoon and catching up.
  • Quit drinking caffeine (yes, that includes Diet Coke! AH!) and finally got some sleep! PTL!
  • Hung out with Ona & Sam for an afternoon then went over to the Dennises for New In Town.
  • Coffee with Lauren Harris & then game night with Rick, Esther, Siona, and Dave and Trisha. Played Settler’s of Catan for the first time — liked it a lot, then Life!
  • Spent the day today in Old Town Pasadena with my old roommate Beth Flower and her daughter June! So great to see her again. It’s always ike no time has passed.
  • In between all of that I’ve been getting to go for walks, spend time with the Lord, play some solo-tennis, find new music, work on homework for my SIP classes (Problems & Procedures, Spiritual Formations, and NANC Seminar), read books for pleasure, play my guitar, catch up on shows I’ve Tivoed, and clean and organize my apartment.

It’s been a fun few weeks. At times I’m tempted to feel really really badly for getting to spend so much time playing and having fun with friends, but I’m trying to just enjoy the time I have before it gets really crazy again when the school year starts. The rest of the summer includes a lot of time with my family (and my NEPHEW who is arriving SOON!) and some SIP classes. PTL for seasons of rest and laughter and enoying good friends.


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