Book Alert

I am so excited! Paul Tripp’s new book, Broken Down House is available now.

I’ve always kind of been an optimist, a world-full-of-possibilities type of girl. I’ve also received 7 years of education at a fine institution which does a wonderful job standing for and defending the truth and sufficiency of the Word of God. I’m incredibly fortunate and really grateful for those things.

The downside to that is that what is technically possible and what is realistic don’t always square up. The truth of what should happen in light of the teaching in God’s Word isn’t always what actually does happen. When you mix optimism, faith in an infinite God, and the training in truth I’ve received — you can have, what I would call, a young idealism that is bound to be shaken. Idealism can be defined as “impracticality by virtue of thinking of things in their ideal form rather than as they really are.” Yep, that’s me.

The temptation, when the idealism is shaken, is to become fake, disallusioned, bitter, jaded, or to just live in denial. I don’t think any of these are good options. That’s why I’m excited for this book. Because my hope is it will address how to live in the midst of a world where ideals, or “shoulds,” aren’t always realities. Churches don’t do all they “should” do, families aren’t always what they “should” be, governments don’t function the way they “should,” husbands, wives. mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, roommates, all fail to be what they “should” be.  And still we have to live somehow.

I can’t wait to read it. I’ll let you know what I learn.


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