Happy Birthday Amy!

Amy and I at my birthday party this past January.

Amy and I at my birthday party this past January.

Amy Horton is one of my dearest friends on earth and today is the day of her birth, which I am so thankful for.

Here’s why:

1. Amy was the first friend I ever felt I could ask for help from. It’s weird now, but at the time, I never felt I could ask anyone for help. She and her (now) husband Bart are such servants and care for people in such a way that I felt confident it wouldn’t be a burden to them to help. From the beginning of our friendship until now they have bailed me out of numerous situations, served me to their own hurt, and come to my rescue when I knew I needed it and when I didn’t. She has been instrumental in teaching me to humble myself and ask for help when I need it!

2. She is the type of person who treats you as if you are her dearest friend even if she’s only known you for two minutes. I, unfortunately, am very selfish. And I tend not to open up to people if I don’t think they like me/care about me. I think that’s why Amy and I are such good friends, because she is so good at showing care for the people around her that I immediately felt comfortable with her and like I could open up my soul to her.  I’m sure she would tell you it was just me, but as I’ve watched her over the years, I’ve seen her do this time and time again. She just really cares about people and that is obvious to anyone she comes into contact with. She exudes a warmth and love I wish I had! And the best part is that it is a genuine love for people, not contrived.

3. She is surprisingly hilarious. If you just meet her, you think she is this ultra sweet, really caring person. And she is. But if she was just that, I don’t know that I would be such good friends with her. I tend not to like to ultra sweet and caring type, I need a little bit more spice and spunk than that. But once you get to know Amy you find that she has a wicked sense of humor and dripping sarcasm that is even more funny because it takes you off guard coming from someone so sweet! I love being with her and laughing with her.

4. She is the type of friend who withholds judgment and criticism. There have been numerous times that I have been in the wrong and Amy has held her tongue so that I could learn it on my own. Not because she doesn’t love me, but she is wise enough to know when I need a little kick in the tail and when I need to learn something on my own. She trusts the Lord enough to know He is at work in me and He will bring me around (which is so hard!) and is wise enough to know when lessons are better learned on one’s own. So she lets me make mistakes and fall, and is still there to pick me up and listen to me cry when I learn my lesson. It makes me confident she is going to make an incredible mother come this December.

5. She is beautiful. The kicker is that she doesn’t really realize this, which just makes here even more beautiful. She just doesn’t seem to care about her beauty. She isn’t vain or proud, and when I asked her if she felt self-conscious about being pregnant (because a lot of women get all crazy about their bodies growing when they are pregnant) she just said, “I am so excited about having this baby I don’t even think of it.” Her beauty is just as deep inwardly as it is outwardly.

6. She loves the gospel. Amy and I share a passion and love for the gospel which makes her so fun to get to share with. She understands how life-changing the gospel is for the believer and how much we need it every single day. So as I am learning new things, she shares me excitement and learns them right along with me! It’s a blessing to have a friend who is learning and growing in some of the same things I am and who loves the same things I do. Her love for the Lord and His work in her is just another reason why I love her.

There is so much more I could say about her. I just love being with her. I love going shopping with her, driving with her, showing up places with her, going to dinner with her before bible study. I love talking with her about what’s going on in my life and hers, and love that I can always count on her to include me in her life as part of her own family. She has been such an amazing friend to me in so many ways and we have shared a lot of precious memories and I treasure her as one of my very best friends.

Happy Birthday Amy!


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