State of my Life Address

Sorry, once again, for the lack of posts in August. You may remember I was MIA last August as well. What can I say? It’s a busy month – that’s my life. Anyways, I figured I’d do a general post about the state of my life.

1. State of the Ministry

  • A few weeks ago at church I was convicted by something my pastor said as he thanked the congregation for letting him take a vacation with his wife. It made me realize that the massive and important things in ministry are the things I generally either: A) Neglect; or 2) Feel guilty about. If I am spending all my time teaching my girls to love God and love people — and yet I am feeling guilty about making time for the God I am telling them to love and neglecting the people He has given me to love — I am a Hypocrite (capital H).
  • I am thankful that I get to work at the college I attended because I’m surrounded by people who think and act like me which has been a mirror at times to my own heart and behaviors. The times I’ve seen glimpses of myself in others has broken me over my sin in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise been broken. Does that make sense? 
  • I am so thankful for the leadership staff in my dorm. My staffers love Jesus and are excited and willing to serve.
  • I love getting to tell the girls in my dorm about Jesus – that they are loved, they are forgiven, and no accusation has any chance against them. It is good news and keeps my own heart revived.
  • I feel much more comfortable doing what I do now in comparison to last year. I can’t think of how to describe the way it feels to have a job where you are supposed to care about and love total strangers…but having existing relationships with them is helpful. I feel like I can be who I am with them now.
  • I love my coworkers. They are wonderfully godly and hilarious people.
  • I love what I do and am thankful I get to do it, which breathes life & joy into my ministry here.

2. State of my own Heart

  • I am finding that I am increasingly glad for the past year of my life. Both the experience and the fruit from it.
  • I trust the Lord and believe His love more than I ever have before. It’s driven out the fear I used to struggle with so much.
  • I’m really thankful for a lot of different things. It’s a good feeling to have.
  • Life is easier now. I’m begging the Lord to make me desperately aware of my neediness even when I feel strong, because I am.

3. State of my Relationships

  • I love having my cousin Kenny here at Master’s. He loves people and cares for them in ways he doesn’t have to and isn’t obligated to. It’s convicting. I’m thankful to have him as part of my family and get to watch his life.
  • I miss my family. I think the Lord has been settling my heart down to where an evening at home doing nothing with the fam is absolutely perfect to me. All the sudden L.A. just doesn’t have quite the same appeal.
  • I miss my old church and bible study. I miss the group we used to hang out with, the parties I used to throw, the nights we used to go out, the way I used to look forward to getting to see them at church, the jokes we used to play. Missing them is causing me to be serious about enjoying the current season of my life, because I’m sure I’ll miss it one day too.
  • I’m gearing up to lose a lot of friends. This summer my friends Bart & Amy will be (Lord willing) moving to Lebanon, Jackie & Ona will finish up their last years as RDs, Laura will finish up her nursing degree and move back to Washington. Again, I’m focusing on enjoying the time I have with them, because I know I’ll miss it when they’re gone.
  • I’m amazed (in a baffled & surprised kind of way) by what great and quality friends I have & the new friendships I’m developing.
  • I’m really glad to be single. I get to have time to myself and alone that I need at times and free time to hang out informally with my girls. Boy howdy is this job/lifestyle easier when you are single.

3. State of Other Random Things

  • I’ve concluded I like A) people who are confident; and 2) people who will banter with me. These are the two common denominators in all of my friendships.
  • I am officially training for my first triathlon (which has been a long time goal for me) October 18!
  • I’m going on my first cruise this October for my friend Esther’s 30th birthday! It’s quickly approaching and I am ecstatic. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.
  • I hate PCs. With the fire of 1,000 suns. Writing this post has confirmed that.
  • I should have gone to bed 2 hours ago instead of writing this.

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