Looking Forward

I realized tonight that I have a lot to look forward to in the coming week. I hadn’t put all the pieces together until now and all of the sudden it hit me! It’s gonna be a good week.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

1. Tonight I’m going out with my friends Bart & Amy to celebrate Amy’s last day of work! She is scheduled to have a little boy in November so her life is going to be dedicated to preparing for that these next few months. I’m so excited for them & to meet baby Clive.

2. My best friend from my freshman year of college, Monica, came into town last night. Seriously, we were ridiculous in college. She is one of the most fun, hilarious people to be around and I think the last time I saw her was my senior year of college. Tomorrow we are headed to Santa Monica for some bike riding and fun in the sun.

3. Sunday & Monday my old friend Ben is coming back into town so hopefully I’ll get to see him and spend some time with people from our old Bible Study (why so many “olds” in this description, was it really that long ago?)!

4. Tuesday is Kenny’s birthday (the one downside of the week is that I won’t get to spend it with him in Disneyland)!

5. Tuesday I leave with chapel band for Outreach Week to go up to the Bay Area. This means: A) I get to laugh and play with the band (not musically play, just play play); B) I get to go up to North Creek church and see what they are about, which I’m excited about in case I ever move back up there & want to get involved in the church; C) I get to stay with my family so I’ll get to see them all week, too!; and D) One of the days we are up there I promised my sister I would go shopping with her so she can spend her birthday money which should be el blasto; and E) I get to hold precious Indy again!

Can life get any better?!

I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.


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