Birthday Surprise!

This past weekend was my 26th birthday. As per usual, there were a series of birthday celebrations Friday-Monday (my actual birthday was Sunday). Amidst all the celebrating, for some reason I got it in my head that 26 is a good age.

See, in years prior I haven’t exactly been excited about getting older. But as I thought about turning 26 I realized I was looking forward to it. The ages of 19-21 were pretty good to me, I must admit; 22-25 held a great deal of uncertainty, fearfulness, restlessness, heartache, and general discomfort. During those years I forged deep, strong friendships, a willingness to engage in profitable conflict, and a willingness to sit and wait and allow God to uphold me through trying seasons so they most definitely were not a total bust. Please don’t hear that.  But for some reason, 26 seems different. I’m starting to feel comfortable with who I am and my newfound adulthood, I’m deeply aware of how incredibly undeserving I am to have such a wonderful family and loving friends, and I don’t feel quite as lost and uncertain about where I’m going and what my future holds. It’s not that I know the future, it’s just that I’m beginning to trust that God has me where He wants me and will guide me where He wants me to go.

So all that to say, on Friday I decided that this year is going to be the best year of my life. That night as I was driving home from a fun dinner and lots of laughing with my friend Tommy and his buddy from back home I thought, “What would happen if I lived every year like that?”

I regret not thinking of it a long time ago. All of the sudden I realized that if this is really going to be the best year of my life I don’t have time to worry, or be unhappy, or fret away at useless thoughts and tasks, or be heartbroken, or cling to something I can’t have — not if I’m going to make this the best year of my life. I have to get serious about it! I have to enjoy people while I’m with them, soak up the joys and little pleasures in life, cram all the fun and laughter I can into each day, calm down, stop focusing on my or others imperfections so much, spend more time resting in the Lord and worshipping Him. It’s gonna take work, but I realized this is a good mindset to have not just about my 26th year but about every year. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

In the meantime, my mom came into town that same night and surprised me by bringing with her my sister and nephew! It was the perfect way to start off the best year of my life. Here’s some pictures just to prove it:

My sister feeding my nephew – who was not having it.

Tell me, have you ever seen a cuter little boy in all your life?

Soaking up my time with the little guy while we were shopping in Pasadena! He’s a good little shopper already.

My friend Laura and I at dinner on my actual birthday.

The whole crew. It was amazing to walk into the restaurant and see (almost) all of my very favorite people in this world all in one place. I love every person around that table very much.

Us Catron girls after dinner.

Thanks again, Mom and Caris, for the wonderful birthday surprise!


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