Long Awaited…

Okay so maybe YOU haven’t been long awaiting this, but still, it is long awaited. I received a “Blog Award” more than a month ago now and have yet to pass it along. While I am no passer-along of chain e-mails, I do believe in good, old-fashioned doing what is asked of me, so here I go.

This is called the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award! I received it from my new friend Carrie (who I met through our mutual friend while I was out visiting Indiana and found out she has excellent taste in blog designs, likes good music, and is very warm and easy to laugh with – my kinda girl!) over at Life of the Liles.

The award asks that you list 10 facts that people may not know about you.
Here we go…in no particular order…

1. I hate cashing checks, getting gas, and showering but I do all three out of necessity. I just dread/hate/procrastinate doing them.

2. If I had my way I would wear yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and flip flops every day.

3. I know more about Larry Bird than most guys do because I had to watch the “Larry Bird: A Basketball Legend” video every day when my brother was in high school. I love that video and have since bought it for myself.

4. I despise awkward silences (and awkwardness) with everything in my being. I will do almost anything to avoid it.

5. I am way more cheesy than I ever want to let on.

6. I don’t like to go too long without crying. It makes me feel human.

7. I think dinner should be an event.

8. I love bike riding.

9. I firmly believe that the best long-distance friendships are ones where you frequently have short conversations.

10. Most of the time I really enjoy it when someone else is in control.

Now I get to pass on some blog lovin’ to a few fellow bloggers out there. Drumroll please…

Caris at Your hair sucks, I can fix it

Katy at Kathryn V. Photography

Siona at There’s More to Life Than This…


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