Recent Favorites

I’m constantly forming new tastes and leaving old ones. By tastes I mean everything from reading material, clothing choices, blogs, and foods. Here are some of my recent favorites:

  • The Pioneer Woman Blog. I’m loving her recipes, photos, her play by play update of their remodel, her rendition of how she met her husband, and this hilarious post of pictures with titles and alternate titles (I think this post is when I truly began to love her. It made me laugh out loud whilst all by myself in my apartment, which is generally my measure of how funny something really is.)
  • Tutti Frutti. Let’s just say that I make multiple stops here a week. I think the workers are starting to know me by name. And I probably need to set up an entirely separate category in my budget for it.
  • My Abercrombie & Fitch sweatshirt. I accidentally happened upon it one day when Esther & I were wasting an afternoon at the town center. It was on clearance and it was gray. Little did I know then that I wouldn’t take it off for the next 42 days in a row (hardly even exaggerating).  I bet the people at Tutti Frutti are starting to notice that, too.
  • Taking pics of my cooking. The PW inspired me.
  • This website finds unpublished airfares for cheap and will even send you an e-mail of the cheapest airfares to or from your chosen airport(s). I found a flight from LAX to SFO last weekend on United for just $78 one day before I had to fly!
  • Breakdown More by Eric Hutchinson. You can’t find this song on iTunes, and the only CD it’s on is out of print now so it sells for a minimum of $52 (and that’s just a used copy — the new ones are $90!) — so I just play it on You Tube over and over….and over. I even got so desperate as to learn it on my guitar and perform it for myself. There’s just something in me that has to sing along…and it’s kinda weird to sing along to You Tube. Eric, if you are reading this (doubtful), PLEASE MAKE A WAY FOR ME TO PURCHASE IT ON ITUNES!
  • John Piper’s sermon “Jesus Christ is Precious Because We Yearn for Beauty.” Will probably have some blog posts on this coming. I’ve sung it that God is beautiful, I guess I would say He should be described that way…but I realized that in my heart when I think of what is beautiful, I don’t think of Him. I think of a J.Crew model or the PW woman’s new kitchen in her Lodge. I’m beginning to try to wrap my mind around God as the perfection of beauty. Thus far, I’ve just been reading some Piper sermons (shocking, I know) and this sermon has been the most helpful to date.
  • Nostalgic memories. I don’t know why so many memories have been dredged up over the past week or so, it’s probably because I’m usually running so fast (not literally, of course) that I feel like I can’t even remember my former self or what life used to be like before I started this crazy life of being an RD. But I drove down to Granada Hills on Friday to spend time with Bart & Amy and remembered a time when it seemed my whole life was down there between bible study, church and friends. This week is Spring Break at TMC, so I thought of last year’s spring break when I bought a Disneyland pass, went on a glorious overnighter to Ventura with the girl RDs, and epically failed at doing a juice fast. Even the smell and weather on Friday took me back to spring breaks in college when I would awake early (for a college student),  hop in the Beetle and drive up to my parents place in the Bay Area to spend the week being pampered at home and trekking into the City. I have so much to be thankful for. Year after year God has provided me with wonderful friends, plenty of laughter, a place I can always call home, and beautiful surroundings to enjoy.

All that to say, hope you have a Happy Monday! I’ll be spending mine reveling in the glories of still having a Spring Break even though I’m a big kid now (AKA probably doing some shopping).


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