Sadly Neglected

Alrighty, so I am here to fess up to the sad truth. I saw other friends stray and go in this direction long before I did. It made me sad for them. I never thought I would be one of them. But now I see that I am.

I’ve left this blog sadly neglected.

In the past few months since I last blogged (in April…to my shame) I’ve:

  • left my position as Resident Director at The Master’s College
  • accepted a position as Student Ministries Coordinator at Santa Cruz Bible Church
  • dined at The Melting Pot for the first time (with Cindi Gundersen)
  • gotten my nose pierced
  • said goodbye to everyone & everything I loved down in LA
  • moved my entire little 1 bedroom apartment into my sister’s garage
  • moved in with a nice family in Santa Cruz who were willing to take me in while I settled in here
  • explored my new city and surrounding areas looking specifically for: my favorite coffee shop, the best mani/pedi in town, cute restaurants, and good shopping
  • had a delightful Memorial Day Weekend with Siona, Benjamin, Philip, and Scotty G up here to visit
  • been warmly welcomed by the church & people here — such an amazing blessing
  • made new friends (but kept the old)
  • started my new job after just a 2 week break (which sounds like a lot to the normal person, but to an RD, sounds like suicide after working 24/7 for 9 months straight
  • gone home to visit my family approximately 4 times
  • had a visit from one of my best friends, Esther Ko Dennis
  • planned & done a jr. high all nighter, pancake breakfast, high school pool party & bbq, jr. high crud fest, and high school houseboating trip
  • celebrated my nephew’s 1st birthday!

So it’s been busy, okay?

More posts to come…hopefully. I’ve seen many a friend not be able to come back after leaving the blogging world for a few months. I hope I’m not just another failed blogger in the end.


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