Ode to Papa C

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday.

This year we were celebrating not only his birth, but his life. Especially through the past year, we’ve come to know what a precious gift his life is!

In honor of the celebration, my sister and I wrote and performed this song for him — to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island Theme Song (which my dad is notorious for making up songs to — he even wrote and performed one at my sister’s rehearsal dinner!)

There’s a lot of inside jokes in this….so just bear with me. It was a good time singing it in the middle of Eddie Papa’s last night with George & Jane (my dad’s donor and wife), the fam, and my parents old friends from college all there with us!

Ode to Papa C: We Kidney You
Just sit right back and we’ll tell a tale
A tale of an uncharted trek
That started a few years ago
To a mighty exec, a mighty exec

The exec was a stalwart finance guy
With a wife, three kids, and pup
The family was still growing too
He was on the up and up, on the up and up

Then one day he saw a doc
Who said his health would fade
They needed to find a donor soon
His kidney to upgrade, kidney to upgrade

The exec set out on this course, but he was not alone,
With Christie Bear
Dave and Sadie too
The Boncheses and Lizzy B
The little guy
Dr. Melcher and the Bowen Clan
All to stand by his side!

So this is a tale of his journey
Uncertain from the start
He put his faith in future Grace
If only they had kidneys at Walmart, kidneys at Walmart

The exec was loved both near and far
He was wise, generous and funny
So when word got out of his need
Two dozen came a running, two dozen came a running

George was a brave soul that came
Jane knew it from the start
That they would be the lucky ones
This journey to take part, journey to take part

The docs marveled that the kidney was
The biggest they had seen
It was as if it had been made
Super sized for a marine, sized for a marine

A year ago we never thought
We’d be sitting here today
George is down one kidney
But the exec will be okay, exec will be okay.

So today we celebrate this man
And his life anew
You’re the greatest dad we’ve ever had….

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