My Story: Part I

This week the fellas are in Chicago for The Gospel Coalition, so I have the privilege of getting to share my testimony at our Hang Times this week. I took the time today to sit down and write it out, and I realized how long its been since I’ve gotten to share this with someone.

When did I stop telling people what God has done in my life?

Anyways, it’s too long to share at Hang Time. I have to cut it down. And there is still so much I’ve left out. So I thought I’d post it here. In parts, of course, because no one would want to read it all at once.

So here you go. My Story, Part I. Enjoy.

“I was born into a Christian home so my parents raised me from when I was young to believe in God and taught me that I needed forgiveness from my sins if I wanted to go to heaven. I honestly think I got saved when I was 4. So I don’t remember much before I was a Christian. But here is what I do know about myself because I’ve read it in the Bible:

  • I was totally sinful and my heart was deceitful and wicked (Romans 5:19; Jeremiah 17:9).
  • Even one act of selfishness, one hateful thought, one act of disobeying my parents made me guilty of the whole law (James 2:10)
  • I was dead in my sins and transgressions (Ephesians 2:1) and condemned for those sins (Romans 5:18).
  • I was cut off from God. I needed forgiveness from my sins and Christ’s righteousness to cover me in order to have access to my Heavenly Father (Eph 2:12-18).

That is the truth about me. So I want to celebrate Christ and the work He has done on my behalf, because, for the reasons previously mentioned, this story is clearly not about me. If it was, it would be depressing. This story is about a God who is so good, so kind, so great that He can transform any life and any situation into something wonderful.

So when I received Christ I was forgiven for all my sins – past, present, and future. I was justified – meaning it was as if I had never sinned and always obeyed. And I was reconciled to God – meaning I got him back. Something had come between us, which was my own fault, it was my own sin that came between us, and I got to have him back. The God of the Universe. The most pleasant and delightful and lovely and perfect being to ever exist. I got him back. And from that day on God has been changing me. Convicting me of sin, helping me to understand Him and His Word more fully, giving me greater love for Him and trust in Him, disciplining me, and growing me to be more and more like Him. Sometimes that has looked like very tiny changes over a long period of time. And sometimes those changes have been drastic and instantaneous. I literally could talk all day and all night about everything God has done in my life. But I’m going to tell you about 3 times God changed me so drastically it was like I got saved all over again.”



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