I Need You Like A Hurricane

Have you ever had that experience where you listen to a song, think it’s about one thing and then realize it’s about something else entirely? That is exactly what happened to me tonight. I discovered the song “Hurricane” by Jimmy Needham this afternoon as I was browsing through some songs I’ve tagged on Shazaam, and low and behold I found a goldmine. From the moment I downloaded it until approximately 26 minutes ago, I’ve been listening to it non-stop on repeat.

It wasn’t until about the 34th time in a row that I listened to it that I realized this song was not a boy singing to a girl (small confession: at one point as I was listening to it this afternoon I began thinking ‘that’s not very masculine. What kind of man needs a girl to come tear his walls down? It should be the other way around.’ Then I started the downward spiral of thinking what a disaster masculinity has become in our culture today, and about the man-baby I read about today.) But it still appealed to me because I understood what this guy was talking about. I understood the pride & fear that keeps me wanting me be safe in my relationships. And the desire to find someone who is worth giving up my safety for. But right as I was thinking “Yeah…that’s what I need. Some handsome young buck to come and tear my walls down,” I realized that this was not about that kind of love at all. I heard him sing the line, “I am Yours and You are mine, You know far better than I, And if destruction’s what I need, Then I’ll receive it Lord from Thee,” I realized this song was talking about the Lord (to my credit, the word “Lord” is very hard to hear and understand.)

Then it all started to make sense. Hurricane. Thunder. Fire. Eye of the Storm watching over me. It seemed terribly obvious all of the sudden. This guy was talking about a love so much greater than the love I thought he was talking about.

This song came as an answer to my prayers for the last few weeks. See, I have been praying that God would make me satisfied in Him. I’ve had to confess that I don’t really know how to make myself satisfied in God and that it seems to me that I will always be wanting to be satisfied by Him but never really actually being satisfied. So I’m thankful that God allowed me to find this song, let me think it was written about human love, and then showed me that it was actually about His love and that His love is not only just as satisfying as love between two human beings, but is actually MORE satisfying. And then I was able to enjoy Him as I listened to the song and see how He satisfies my deepest needs and desires, the exact thing I had been praying for!

So, without further ado, here it is, my latest and greatest repeat worthy song. I hope you enjoy.


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