Higher Grounds

Tonight I was hanging out with a friend at Mount Hermon, which is a delightful little Christian camp that I just so happen to be house sitting at (for a couple at my church who live here year round).

We perused the bookstore, then we got ice cream at the Fountain (and ran into some of the girls from church), and on our way back something caught my attention. The cute little coffee shop above the bookstore. It looked inviting. Until I saw the name – “Common Grounds.” The funny thing is, that is the exact same name as our coffee shop at Santa Cruz Bible Church!

So I began my tirade on how I hate how churches name their coffee shops things with the word “grounds” in them. Higher Grounds, Holy Grounds, Common Grounds, Sacred Grounds, Grounds of Faith, His Grounds etc. This new-found annoyance came a few weeks ago while I was researching for how to set up our coffee shop for our college group (I made an inspiration board of it — my dear friend Jackie Knapp would be proud!) It was then that I first realized how common these cheesy names are.

In the middle of my tirade, my friend began asking me why I have such a problem with these names. What would I like better, and why? So it made me think about my prejudice. And this was the answer I gave her…

I was once told that good literature, like good art, evokes and inspires a feeling within you instead of telling you how to feel. Bad literature will tell you that a sunset was amazing but good literature will paint the sunset in such vibrant hues that you come to believe it is amazing without ever being told. It’s a stretch, but that’s how I feel about these coffee shops. A good coffee shop will evoke a feeling in you — like the way my heart leaps whenever I hear the name Verve — instead of telling you how to feel.

So, I of course came home and googled Christian Coffee house names. Here are the best o’ the best:

  1. He Brews
  2. Jehovah Java
  3. Bevelations
  4. Amazing Taste How Sweet The Grounds
  5. St. Arbucks
  6. Covenant Coffee
  7. Solid Rock Cafe (impressive knock off of both a hipster coffee shop & a hip restaurant chain from the 90’s)
  8. Higher Rock Cafe
  9. Koinonia Kafe
  10. Grounded Coffeehouse (Grounded? Really? This is supposed to draw people in?!)
  11. Daniel’s Den (Again….I don’t quite see the draw.)
  12. Passion Perk
  13. Love Lounge (I don’t know that I would automatically think of this as a Christian coffee shop….)
  14. Trembling Cup
  15. Yahweh Cafe
  16. Heaven in a Cup (what?)
  17. Heavenly Bean

I hope those made you laugh out loud like I did when I read them.

Just don’t think too hard about them. It’s all downhill from there.


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