About Me

Employer: BrandGlue

Can’t live without: Friends & family, my nieces & nephew, sparkling water, the gospel, some sort of lip gloss or chapstick, coffee, time alone, my iPhone & credit card, time in prayer & the Word, Target, continuous learning, Facebook, good jeans.

On a Saturday afternoon you’ll find me: Just getting back from the farmer’s market, babysitting my nephew, catching up on some much needed shopping, or throwing or attending some sort of event.

Retail Haunts: The atmosphere you just love to love at Santana Row, the cheap chic thrill of H&M and Forever 21, the classics held at J.Crew & Banana Republic, the fresh air and home-away-from-home feel of Nordstrom, the inspiration that comes with a trip to Anthropologie, and the ongoing and ever frustrating love-hate relationship with Gap.

My foolproof outfit: My favorite pair of jeans at the moment, a white tank top under some sort of top & a cardigan or hoodie with a pair of rainbows and an oversized bag (that usually weighs a ton).

Irrational fear: Having my appendix burst and dying of appendicitis.

Parents: Terry & Christie – married 33 years

Brother & Sister-in-law: Dave & Sadie

Sister & Brother-in-law & Son: Caris & Dan & Indy (short for Indiana)

Birth Order: Youngest

Current Favorite Artists/Groups: Ben Rector, Mat Kearney, Taylor Swift, Eric Hutchinson, Kayne West, James Morrison, Jason Mraz, Dave Barnes, Jon McLaughlin, Colbie Caillat,

Current Favorite Restaurants: Aroma Cafe, Egg Plantation, In-N-Out, Stonefire, and Chipotle

Books I’m Reading: God’s Big Picture by Vaughn Roberts, You Can Change by Tim Chester

Random goals: Milk a cow (COMPLETED!), become a regular somewhere (COMPLETED!), go on a road trip (COMPLETED!), visit Alabama, become a master at camping, complete a Triathlon. My life is close to being complete.


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